• Present in more than 20 countries
  • Engineering the future
  • More than 400 employees including 200 Engineers

Word from GM

Dg CID MarocSince its creation in 1982, CID has led several structuring projects in the service of sustainable development on behalf of clients spread across several regions nationally and internationally: Ministerial Departments, Public Establishments, Territorial Collectivities, National and International Donors, various organizations and companies in the Private sector. CID operates in several countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Entering a new decade, CID consolidates its achievements and marks its transition with a new vision and new ambitions to strengthen its development and its influence in national and international scale.

With a human capital of high expertise level, a strong attachment to the ethical and deontological rules, CID supports its customers in the establishment of technical and economic studies as well as in the monitoring and construction of infrastructure basic.

To raise the heavy challenges of the various technological fields complexification, CID ensures a permanent technological watch to bring answers to the innovation stakes in the fields and covered sectors activities, in purpose to guarantee a continuous improvement of the tools and the deployed methods.